Evaluations (two topics)

It seems to me that all of the articles on this site are evaluations of one sort or another. There are the things I want to improve, the things I want to work on and the things which I am more or less cognizant of.

Evaluating Depression

In the case of my heart attack, last July, there was a lot of “work” entailed in coming to terms with the total ramifications. Diabetes is a condition where there are twists and turns that happen over time. The management load is not often light and becoming overwhelmed is quite possible. It is not at all advisable to trivialise matters, and anxiety and depression are therefore hazards.

There is some aspect of interplay in this emotional life of coping with medical conditions that I describe and with the war of attrition with my mother and siblings. My mother had some struggle carving out a sense of purpose for herself and, in turn, my siblings have had some struggle in carving out there own senses of purpose. And I need to maintain a dual set of perspectives of the situation of both sets of protagonists. Their points of view, although often repugnant for me, are relevant and have to be properly taken account of.

In so far as I succeed, depression is not so much of an issue; but depression is an everpresent risk. At times, it may seem there is a tsunami coming for me; but often small problems can be solved and the overall situation does not look so menacing.

The WordPress Technology

I know many people who use WordPress. Many of us are familiar one way or another with the culture of technology and communications that underpins so much of how we live our lives these days. In another article, I have said somewhat flattering things about Microsoft OneNote. And it rather has to be the case that with all things good, comes a learning curve which can, at times, also get steep.

I have said on the home page,

Getting the right amount of detail depicted in the right places seems to be a particular thing one has to cultivate.

And one really has to draw on the diversity of one’s experiences to get to that sort of intuitive balance. I am, for example, a keen photographer and I guess I can say that my familiarity with image composure comes into this somewhere. I also have experience of writing essays and larger prose works. I believe, too, that there are a number of distinctly IT and coding issues that working on can help to get things the way that one would prefer them to be.

So, whether we like it or not, I have some of these skills and aptitudes at my fingertips. It can all get fidgety and frustrating, but there is the Google search engine that one can use creatively to research ideas. And in this respect, the fact that there is such a large user base for WordPress means that the corresponding knowledge base is indeed large.

Now, I could say that if I was into clay pigeon shooting (which I am not) that too can be a very demanding activity. I think it has to be true that many activities one gets wrapped up in can take on the impression of being on the competitive side of things. Generally, it is hard to get very competent with using WordPress as an amateur; I do, however, have a professional background in some of the related areas but the relevant experience was also a little outdated.