Microsoft OneNote is a very useful package

I have a tendency toward getting anxiety states and even having panic attacks if I am not well organised. And this article should give me a chance to describe how this Microsoft software offering helps me. Compared with other personal-organisation toolkits, this is very serious stuff; and requires an investment of time in learning how to use it anything like to the full. I am not a fan of the Windows operating system but, unfortunately, there is nothing of the same quality that is available as an alternative. Versions which are not as complete are however available for use with other operating systems.

It can be reorganised very fast indeed and that is a feature of just how it has been designed and developed. Mainly, there is a lot of availability of drag and drop methodology. A smallish criticism is that Grammarly cannot work inside of it (as of yet)*; MS does provide reasonable-quality proofing tools, though. Even so, for drafting more serious articles, I prefer to use a private WordPress site deployed with an interesting collection of plugins. That, however, is another possible story in the making.

The ability to reorganise content on the fly is what makes it such a good system for making checklists and reminders over the various review cycles that I am accustomed to… I can alter, replicate, and retweak it just so easily. It works on the Cloud and I therefore have access to it all on my mobile phone. This modern style of living involves using password managers and logging in by way of a response on one’s phone, of course. But, like much else that is available these days, there it all is at my fingertips whenever I want to check out my plans.

There are also the medium scale and larger projects and the ability to link in research materials. Some projects one does not want to start if one does not have a reasonable chance of making progress. But, equally, one can do some research and preparation and evaluate whether or not to take such a possible plunge. Moreover, with good enough quality note making one can more easily defer a planned action and come back to it later. It is easy enough to turn MS OneNote into a sort of extended personal information system; but, of course, one does this in parallel with using other systems which also provide some of these facilities: phone contacts and password managers, for example. Ideally, what one tries to do (time permitting) is to comprehensively upgrade all of one’s key organisation-enhancing facilities.

As for panic attacks, are these a thing of the past for me? Technology has come a long way and one should use it. And, yes, I do feel somewhat safer for being this much tech-savvy. Some of those uses I make of OneNote very much assist in changing my course of action if other things crop up; that sort of preparation has to help to forestall anxiety states!

(*) I have checked out the situation with (which provides the browser-based access for OneNote). At the moment, Grammarly is not supported there, either.


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