Personal organisation… what it means for me!

Here is a succinct definition that I found at

Personal organization is the process of organizing and categorizing your life, allowing you to become more efficient with your time and skills. If you are disorganized, cluttered, and confused, you may feel overwhelmed and often interrupted. With personal organization, you can manage your day with ease and seamlessly transition from work to home. Some of the biggest benefits of being organized include a sense of achievement and watching seemingly large problems become manageable. While you are saving time with personal organization, you also tend to have more fun and relaxation as you are sorted.

I have highlighted the word confused because that is sort of the story of my life and is somewhat closely linked to vital information gathering and fitting jigsaw-puzzle pieces together. You see, my mother was prone to venting conspiracy theories as to why I was allegedly weird; and, evidently, those theories have provided an important sense of cohesion for my siblings; but those far-fetched notions have not helped me.

In any case, the business of streamlining habits and achieving goals is inherently tied up with devising strategies. Reviews are important, too. Unfortunately for me, coping with my family experiences has for many years entailed me in being ready for the next set of woes generated from within the dysfunctional engine of my mother’s denied lesbianism.

In all, I would say that my mother and my siblings have never fought clean and logically. And, yes, it has been something of an uphill struggle for me. At times I have felt beleaguered and more recently I have perhaps felt more relaxed.

But, before I close on this topic, I will mention something of the business of medical investigations and the arrival at a treatment plan. Clinicians are very practised at getting things done properly but, also, it can take time. And, of course, while diagnoses are pending anxiety and confusion can set in. Charting a way forward in personal terms can also get complicated. So I would say one does not have to be part of a super-dysfunctional family to suffer from anxiety states and very complicated personal circumstances. Recovery processes can be taxing on one’s morale, too.

There is possibly a distinction to be made in terms of visibility by which I mean that dysfunctional-family problems are particularly hard to be made comprehensible (inherently the mechanisms at play are about concealing important stuff). And this perhaps reinforces my observations on the above definition of personal organisation concerning how complicated it can sometimes be to gather together one’s personal circumstances together.

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